Our Presentations

Spring Symposium 2017 Isotretinoin Presentation

My Presentation on Acne Management in Family Medicine

My Presentation on Current Topical Treatments in Acne

My Presentation on Choosing Systemic Treatments in Acne

My Presentation on Topical Antibiotics in Acne

Family Medicine Dermatology School 2018 Presentation

Acne Treatment in Children Presentation

Organizing Multicenter Studies Presentation

The Impact of COVID-19 on Psoriatic Disease

Treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa During the COVID-19 Era Presentation

Presentation on Narrowband UVB Phototherapy Protocols

Presentation on Differences in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Adult Acne

Presentation on Rare Applications of Phototherapy

Presentation on Guidelines for Acne Therapy

Which patients are candidates for biological therapy in Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Patient Management in Drug Reactions - Presentation

Topical Antibiotics in Inflammatory Diseases Presentation

Inverse Conditions in Dermatology - My Presentation

Suture Techniques and Thread Types - My Presentation

Gray Areas in Isotretinoin Treatment

Challenges in the Treatment of Onychomycosis

Probiotics and Prebiotics Presentation

Psoriasis Challenge Cases Presentation

Current Treatment of Psoriasis Based on Comorbidities

How to Recognize Psoriasis, How to Treat it Presentaion

Psoriasis Pathogenesis Presentation

Approach to Concurrent Infections in the Immunosuppressive Treatment of Psoriasis Presentation

Management of Comorbidities in Psoriatic Disease Presentation

Current Roadmaps in Rosacea Presentation

The Metabolic Syndrome and Related Diseases